Virgin Balloonier

It was like the idea hit me over the head, although I didn’t feel any pain, nor show any signs of injury. My head however, was swollen. With ideas. One by one, things just fit into place like a puzzle.

Balloonatic. An idea to be Saskatoon’s first “Wondrous Balloon Creator”. Giant balloons in dreamy colors, long tails made of hand-cut paper, sparkling ribbon, intricate lace, using colors to compliment its feature.

The idea turned into reality one week ago, when I frilled the first tail, then put together my first Balloonatic Balloonatic creation. A combination of soft Orange, Aqua Blue and White, paired with a White Balloon.

I decided to use my office gal pals as a small, but highly qualified, test audience. I walked in to work after my lunch break (which wasn’t spent chowing down my homemade Chicken meatballs, instead visiting the local go to party store, Bazaar & Novelty to load that big Balloon up with 14 cubic feet of Helium!) and the instantaneous reaction made my stomach do flips. Good flips I might add! The girls all gushed and used many words of praise and encouragement, to which I am very grateful for. I placed the giant Balloon on my desk and watched in joy each time a new colleague stepped into the room. Their reactions were all over the good map and that was it, I was hooked……

More project details to come….



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