Caribbean Balloons

The latest series of balloon photography, Caribbean Balloons, by Gray Malin has us speechless!

I get it, it’s a simple concept at first glance. But knowing that in real life, this type of setup would be extremely difficult to pull off (who’s been to a windy beach, raise your hand 🙋), makes it that much more fascinating. Although the gut says it’s good old digital editing, that doesn’t downplay it’s spark. Seeing the vision and making it happen no matter what the tools, is still inspiring!

The journey is more than just a photograph. It’s a shared experience of a lifestyle.  ~ GM


Hard to pick a fave out of this series, but this one might come close….


Some favorites from his past series:

If you’re up to spend a good chuck of dough, you can own one! And I’ll be jealous…

~ Jen


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