Gifting Gets Going

I guess you could consider the next Balloonatic creation a test piece, with the most perfect little tester as the receiver. If a one and a half year old little gal doesn’t love my balloons, nobody will!

Miss T, as she is affectionately referred to by her super cool parents, has a very neat theme to her bedroom. This sweet little girl will proudly boast that her parents gave her the hippest, vintage throwback baby room in town! A slightly girly twist to the rarely used, Yellow Submarine motif. Awesome, right?

That led me to pick the obvious for her balloon. I decided to re-use the white balloon from my first creation. It had just been filled the day before and would work well as the topper to another Balloonatic frill tail.

Yellow and Blue frill, highlighted by a few pink clusters and voila! A successful attempt at working towards bettering each balloon effort. Making balloons for friends and family to me, was the easiest route to hear supportive and constructive feedback, along with enjoying the moment when you walk into a room of them, and there is instant wow. I was definitely in for this ride…..



Virgin Balloonier

It was like the idea hit me over the head, although I didn’t feel any pain, nor show any signs of injury. My head however, was swollen. With ideas. One by one, things just fit into place like a puzzle.

Balloonatic. An idea to be Saskatoon’s first “Wondrous Balloon Creator”. Giant balloons in dreamy colors, long tails made of hand-cut paper, sparkling ribbon, intricate lace, using colors to compliment its feature.

The idea turned into reality one week ago, when I frilled the first tail, then put together my first Balloonatic Balloonatic creation. A combination of soft Orange, Aqua Blue and White, paired with a White Balloon.

I decided to use my office gal pals as a small, but highly qualified, test audience. I walked in to work after my lunch break (which wasn’t spent chowing down my homemade Chicken meatballs, instead visiting the local go to party store, Bazaar & Novelty to load that big Balloon up with 14 cubic feet of Helium!) and the instantaneous reaction made my stomach do flips. Good flips I might add! The girls all gushed and used many words of praise and encouragement, to which I am very grateful for. I placed the giant Balloon on my desk and watched in joy each time a new colleague stepped into the room. Their reactions were all over the good map and that was it, I was hooked……

More project details to come….