Shake Things Up This Time!

Like most companies out there at this time of year, a crew of people, with no time to spare and holiday budget to blow, are frantically trying to piece together the makings of the best office holiday party yet! Will it be? Not if you invite this guy…

Holiday Salmon Roll

Meet Holiday Salmon Mold. He’s a metaphor and represents what I like to call the average holiday party ingredients; dinner + dance + mini Christmas tree centerpiece.

Shake things up why don’t you and add some life to your event space with Balloonatic crazyness! Put one on each table, instead of the tree, or holiday florals. Have a new prop in the photo booth this year (although, everyone loves an elf hat and mustache on a stick, I will agree with that). Have a few floating from the ceiling! Spell out your company name with giant Gold or Silver letters! There are so many more ideas here, just try me!

The holiday calendar is filling up fast, with events starting next weekend! Give me a shout and I can whip up something your staff will remember (or boss – sometimes they are left out of the planning, for good reason)!

Holiday Salmon Mold stinks. Balloonatic parties don’t! Contact me here or email for pricing and options.

Can’t wait to party with you, Holiday style!



Teaming up!

You know what’s better than one YXE Balloon lady?


Meet Crystal Brodeur!


Owner and Creative at Love + Lace Event Design, and my new Balloon go-to gal. Crystal has a knack for turning the usual old event, into a top notch soirée! She’ll be your big event, on-site, helium-hauling, balloon-knotting, “heavy-lifter”.

To my clients with the big events in the books, you will meet Crystal, and she’ll make sure every home made paper tail trimming is fastened and placed, just as you wanted them!

Me, I’ll stick to the paper handling — pressing flat, chop chopping and individually fastening — and of course, the usual every day happenings of a small business owner!

Crystal and I are looking forward to being at your next event!

J & C