Caribbean Balloons

The latest series of balloon photography, Caribbean Balloons, by Gray Malin has us speechless!

I get it, it’s a simple concept at first glance. But knowing that in real life, this type of setup would be extremely difficult to pull off (who’s been to a windy beach, raise your hand 🙋), makes it that much more fascinating. Although the gut says it’s good old digital editing, that doesn’t downplay it’s spark. Seeing the vision and making it happen no matter what the tools, is still inspiring!

The journey is more than just a photograph. It’s a shared experience of a lifestyle.  ~ GM


Hard to pick a fave out of this series, but this one might come close….


Some favorites from his past series:

If you’re up to spend a good chuck of dough, you can own one! And I’ll be jealous…

~ Jen


5 uncommon uses for a Balloonatic Balloon!

There are plenty of reasons to add a crazy giant balloon, complete with loads of paper frill, to your Birthday Party or Baby Shower. However, you may not have thought how much spark one would add to these types of events:

1. Gender Reveal Party – Say what? Ever thought of throwing a bash to let your friends and family know what color of onesies they should be buying? If you didn’t, that’s ok, but a major trend in the bash biz is that very type of soirée! How to host one, you ask? Gather up your closest friends and loved ones and organize a special delivery; a blue or pink themed giant balloon! Also a great reason to throw a couples shower, another growing trend and a thoughtful way to incorporate the new dad-to-be.

2. Storefront Window Install – Having dabbled in the art of creating a unique and eye-catching window display, both at Gap Kids and my family retail store, I know first hand it can be a challenge to come up with new ideas. Now, giant balloons with fancy frill aren’t for every establishment, but they can add the perfect amount of whimsy to a children’s store, or the right touch of trend to a Woman’s shop . Bridal dress boutiques, Bakeries & Cake Shops, along with any business celebrating a milestone, can indulge in the fun of having these giant “greeters” turning heads on the street. Balloons last 3-5 days with the option to add a coating inside the balloon, which will make each one will last at least two weeks.

3. Photographer | Stylist | Collaborator – I honestly can’t describe to you how much fun you’ll have working with these fancy “props”. But I can tell you, I’ve heard the laughs and witnessed the wow factor! Ask anyone I’ve worked with, they are way more outrageous in person.

4. Corporate Launch Bash – Go big or go home folks, we’ve all heard it before. Adding giant show-stopper Balloons should do. And the best part? You’ll be off the hook for the rest of the decor, no need for much more. Just add food, music, drinks and serve. Adding subtle hints of brand colors takes it to the next level. See my upcoming post on “Local
Brand Leaders” to read about some of the local vendors I have had the pleasure in working with; all of which have helped me share so much #balloonlove” around Saskatoon.

5. Skip the Florals – Don’t get me wrong, I could pass out at the sight of fresh florals; Peonies, Ranunculas, Poppies, and Succulents are the petals of choice. An over-the-top balloon + tail combination is just another option, a way to “shake it up” or “walk the line” 😉






Virgin Balloonier

It was like the idea hit me over the head, although I didn’t feel any pain, nor show any signs of injury. My head however, was swollen. With ideas. One by one, things just fit into place like a puzzle.

Balloonatic. An idea to be Saskatoon’s first “Wondrous Balloon Creator”. Giant balloons in dreamy colors, long tails made of hand-cut paper, sparkling ribbon, intricate lace, using colors to compliment its feature.

The idea turned into reality one week ago, when I frilled the first tail, then put together my first Balloonatic Balloonatic creation. A combination of soft Orange, Aqua Blue and White, paired with a White Balloon.

I decided to use my office gal pals as a small, but highly qualified, test audience. I walked in to work after my lunch break (which wasn’t spent chowing down my homemade Chicken meatballs, instead visiting the local go to party store, Bazaar & Novelty to load that big Balloon up with 14 cubic feet of Helium!) and the instantaneous reaction made my stomach do flips. Good flips I might add! The girls all gushed and used many words of praise and encouragement, to which I am very grateful for. I placed the giant Balloon on my desk and watched in joy each time a new colleague stepped into the room. Their reactions were all over the good map and that was it, I was hooked……

More project details to come….